SCMCHA and local organizations condemn the Zionist enemy’s crimes against humanity.

The Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, and international and local organizations, organized a protest to denounce the crimes of the Zionist enemy against the Palestinian people.

Participants in the rally, which included the Ministry of Planning and Development, the Executive Office of the National Vision, and the Central Bureau of Statistics, condemned the inhumane massacre committed by the Zoinist enemy by bombing the Baptist Hospital in the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of martyrs and injured medical staff, patients, rescue workers, and displaced people who sought protection. in the hospital.

The participants in the protest carried the Palestinian flag, chanting slogans and chants denouncing the Zionist aggression against Gaza and the targeting of hospitals, civilians, women, the elderly and children.stressing their full solidarity with the Palestinian people in their legitimate jihad against the Zionist occupier.

A statement issued by protesters affirmed that the massacres committed by the Zionist entity against the residents of Gaza are a crime against humanity and a flagrant violation of religious principles, human values, and international laws and norms.

The statement called on the international community to move quickly to stop the massacres of the Zoinist entity, denouncing the silence and complicity of the puppet Arab regimes with the crimes of the American and Western-backed Israeli occupation.

The statement called for an end to the barbaric crimes of the Zionist entity targeting civilians and the siege, collective punishment, and forced displacement it practices against the residents of the Gaza Strip.

The statement urged the international community, the United Nations and international organizations to assume their legal, moral and humanitarian responsibility to protect the Palestinian people and put an end to the barbaric crimes of the Zionist entity.

The statement affirmed solidarity and support for the Palestinian people in defending themselves, the land, and the holy places, in accordance with what is guaranteed by all international and humanitarian norms and conventions.



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