The Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation is the highest administrative authority responsible for the management and coordination of humanitarian affairs and international cooperation, the official body that works in parallel with the UN Humanitarian Coordinator and it is the national partner at all stages of the humanitarian work.


It aims to coordinate humanitarian affairs and development, strengthen international cooperation relations with states, economic groups, specialized agencies, institutions, UN and international donor organizations working in the field of supporting and financing development projects and programs in the Republic and its priorities based on what comes to the Council from concerned institutions and bodies in order to ensure integration in coordination, avoid duplication , unify and direct funding processes to meet the priorities of the development and reconstruction plan, and the humanitarian needs plan.


The Council also manages and organizes the affairs of the organizations working in the Republic of Yemen. It participates in planning the work policies of local institutions and organizations in their relationship with international and foreign governmental and non-governmental organizations to build their capacity and rehabilitation. The Council shall undertake all tasks and responsibilities related to relief work, emergency and disasters response and reconstruction.