Al-Hamli congratulates the Leader of the Revolution and the Chairman of the Supreme Political Council on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Ibrahim Al-Hamli, sent a cable of congratulations to the Leader of the Revolution, Al-Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, and the Chairman of the Supreme Political Council, Field Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat, on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan 1445.

Al-Hamli expressed his best congratulations and blessings on his behalf and on behalf of the leadership and employees of SCMCHA to the Leader of the Revolution, the President and members of the Supreme Political Council, and the Yemeni people on this great religious occasion.

The Secretary-General of SCMCHA indicated that the blessed month of Ramadan is approaching our dear people and they are still living the repercussions of the aggression and siege on our country in various humanitarian and economic aspects.

He pointed out that despite the cruelty of human suffering, Yemenis with their wise leadership are fulfilling their religious, humanitarian and moral duty to continue supporting and assisting the Palestinian people, so that today it has become an honor for all free people in the world.

Al-Hamli confirmed that SCMCHA works in coordination with the concerned authorities and humanitarian partners, to mobilize and implement development, service and relief projects that have greatly contributed to alleviating human suffering and spreading the spirit love among our Yemeni society.

Asking God Almighty to accept the month of Ramadan with goodness and glory for the Yemeni people, and to repeat this occasion when the comprehensive victory has been completed for Yemen, and the brothers in Palestine and Gaza have achieved everything they aspire to in terms of victory, pride, dignity, and the liberation of all the occupied territories.

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