Delivery of medical equipment and supplies to Al-Matoun Health Center in Al-Jouf.

As part of SCMCHA’s efforts in working to provide services in hospitals and health facilities by supplying the health sector with medical equipment and supplies in a way that contributes to alleviating the human suffering according to the priorities of needs raised by the authorities.

With the financing of YHF through ADRA organization, SCMCHA branch in Al-Jawf handed over the medical equipment and supplies to the Al-Matoun Health Center and in the presence of the local authority, the health office and the concerned authorities.

The devices include: (LISA, monitor, shirn pump, Ultra TV radio, ECG device, 10 oxygen cylinders), shock device, suction device, 10sleeping beds, two of 50 mm instillation devices , two devices Distillation of 500 ml 

The project contributes to providing medical devices and supplies to the Al-Matoun Health Center, and improving the level of medical and health services for the beneficiaries of the health center services in the district and neighboring areas.

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