Paving Al-Gharbi Road in Al-Mahweet helps to improve the lives of the area’s residents.

Muhammad, a resident of the Al-Gharbi area, Al-Tawila District: Paving the road is our common goal that has become a reality.

The people of sub-district Al-Gharbi in Al-Tawila District in Al-Mahwit speak about their suffering due to the difficulty of the off-road roads, which negatively affected the movement of the region’s residents, despite the natural beauty that characterizes the region with its amazing valleys and harsh terrain.

Saleh, a resident of the area discusses how he lost his wife during childbirth as a result of a bad road condition that delayed their arrival at health services. His profound grief affected society and highlighted the urgent need for radical change.

Saleh explains his ordeal, saying: “The road was a huge obstacle in front of us, bringing us much more sadness than any help.”If the road had been smoother, I would not have lost my wife.

Saleh’s words reflect the entire community’s suffering and underline the critical need for infrastructure improvements to create a safer and more reliable road system.

As part of SCMCHA’s efforts to direct funds towards implementing development projects that meet the needs of citizens, SCMCHA worked with UNDP , and the Life Makers Meeting Place Organization implemented the paving of 4,000 meters of Al-Gharbi Road, as part of the interventions of the joint program to support livelihoods, food security and Climate change in Yemen (Rural Resilience 3)


Paving the road has made significant changes, connecting the community to essential services and reducing the risks associated with travel.

“We saw hope being built, brick by brick,” Mohammed says with pride, underlining the initiative’s collaborative effort. “This road is our collective dream come true.”

“Previously, I used to lose nearly a third of the pottery I made on that bumpy road,” Muhammad says. Now the pottery arrives safely, and my income has improved. “This road is our collective dream come true, that makes me happy.”

Muhammad continues, the new road had a major impact on his business. He was exposed to huge losses about 30% of the pottery breaking during its transportation to local markets. Now, he can deliver his products to the city without any damage, which has increased profits and reduced losses. This change not only strengthened the young man’s legitimacy, but also raised his morale.


The road paving project has transformed Gharbi’s sub-district, encouraging greater investment in infrastructure and community empowerment, demonstrating the power of collective action.

Paving Al-Gharbi Road is part of SCMCHA and UNDP efforts,which has contributed to alleviating the suffering of the region’s residents through the ease of modern means of transportation to basic services such as schools and hospitals



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