Establishing a new water network in Dhamar Governorate, ensuring clean water for hundreds of families

Many communities in rural areas of Yemen face several challenges, including a lack of infrastructure and public services such as clean water ,Which doubled the suffering of these families in light of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world as a result of the aggression and siege.

Within the framework of SCMCHA’s efforts to direct funds towards implementing sustainable development projects that contribute to alleviating human suffering and meeting the needs of citizens.






SCMCHA worked with th UNDP to establish the Al-Dhaba water network in Dhamar Governorate to deliver water to the residents of the Maghrib Ans and Al-Jadid regions, after nearly twenty years of water scarcity in these areas and the people’s suffering in traveling long distances to obtain water.






Due to water scarcity, the burden of getting water has largely fallen on children and women,” says Saadia Abu Shayea, 18 years old, a resident of the Al-Jadad neighborhood in Dhamar.

“We often had to fetch water from mosques, street tanks, and private wells”. “We always had to go long distances to get water.” she said.

As the people of the area explain: “Rehabilitating the network gives us access to clean and safe water, enhances the safety of our community, and improves the overall living conditions of families.”

The rehabilitation of the main water network in Ans and Al-Jadid contributed to alleviating the suffering of the residents of the region.



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