Al-Harijah Health Unit…an achievement that contributes to alleviating health suffering in Abs, Hajjah.

Within the framework of SCMCHA efforts and its branch in Hajjah Governorate, by directing funds to implement sustainable service projects that meet the needs of citizens and contribute to alleviating the humanitarian suffering that the Yemeni people are experiencing as a result of the aggression and siege.

SCMCHA and its branch in Hajjah Governorate worked with the Action Against Hunger Organization to improve the health and nutrition sector in the Al-Harjah area of ​​Abs District #Hajjah_Governorate

By building the Al-Harja Health Unit with rehabilitation, furnishing, and providing it with a solar energy system, in addition to providing all medical needs to benefit approximately 15,000 residents and displaced people in the region who lack primary care services due to their distance from health facilities.

This will be reflected positively in contributing to alleviating human suffering and improving the health sector in the region in light of the humanitarian crisis that our country is going through as a result of the aggression and siege.

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