Al-Hamli reviews the needs of the military and the police hospital in the capital secretariat.

The Secretary-General of SCMCHA, Ibrahim Al-Hamli, and the Head of ICRC delegation in Yemen, Daphne Maret, reviewed the progress of work and medical services at the General Police Hospital in Amanat Al-Asimah.

During their visit to the hospital departments, Al-Hamali and Daphne heard from the Deputy Director of the Hospital, Abdel-Moneim Najm El-Din, an explanation about the centers, departments, and equipment they need, the challenges facing work in the hospital, and their most prominent needs.

Najm al-Din explained that the hospital faces great pressure from those seeking medical services in light of its constant need to expand the dialysis unit.

Al-Hamli also looked at the oxygen station in the hospital, which the SCMCHA worked to provide the hospital with the station from the Red Cross.

He pointed out that providing the hospital with an oxygen station comes within the efforts of SCMCHA and the Red Cross to improve the reality of service and work to raise the level of performance and efficiency of the hospital’s medical staff, praising the efforts of the Red Cross mission in oxygen supply station.

The Secretary-General of SCMCHA , Ibrahim Al-Hamli, and the head of the Red Cross delegation, Daphne, also visited the military hospital to check on its needs.

Al-Hamli and Daphne listened to an explanation from the director of the military hospital, Abbas Najm al-Din, about the hospital’s needs for an oxygen station to improve the services provided to patients.

Al-Hamli stressed SCMCHA’s interest in improving the level of health services in the hospital, indicating its keenness to work with humanitarian partners to provide the needs of the military hospital in order to enable it to continue providing its medical and health services to the beneficiaries.

For her part, the head of ICRC mission, Daphne, confirmed that the mission will work with SCMCHA to provide the necessary needs.

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