Fares meets the visiting UN delegation to Sanaa

Assistant Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Muhammad Fares, met today with the head of the OCHA Communications Operations Sub-Office, Najwa Makki, who is currently visiting Yemen.

During the meeting, issues related to the humanitarian situation in Yemen were discussed, and the media shed light on the worst human suffering in the world that the Yemeni people have been experiencing as a result of the aggression SCMCHA’S and siege for nine years.

In the meeting, the Assistant Secretary-General of SCMCHA welcomed the head of the Communications Operations Sub-Office, stressing the importance of coordination between SCMCHA and OCHA.

He indicated SCMCHA’sefforts to facilitate the work of organizations in various sectors, including the media sector, pointing to the importance of the visit to see the humanitarian situation from reality and to cover humanitarian interventions more so that the picture is conveyed clearly.


The Assistant Secretary-General explained that the humanitarian situation in Yemen is still deteriorating as a result of the aggression and blockade for nine years, which worsened catastrophically after the suspension of food aid since August last year.

He reviewed the role of SCMCHA and its efforts to facilitate the work of organizations, and called for more interaction of organizations with SCMCHA on the media side in accordance with the drawn up plans.

As for her visit, the head of the OCHA Communications Operations Sub-Office appreciated SCMCHA for facilitating her visit to Sana’a, saying that her objective was to draw attention to the Yemeni crisis, raise awareness of the humanitarian situation, and advocate for funding.

The meeting was attended by SCMCHA’s official spokesman, Talaat Al-Sharjabi, and a number of those concerned with informing at SCMCHA and OCHA.

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