Tawoos comments on the donors conference: The crimes of the aggression countries in Yemen will not be bleached by humanitarian conferences

The Secretary-General of SCMCHA, Abdul Mohsen Tawoos, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the international donors ’conference in Yemen aims to absolve Saudi led coalition of their crimes in Yemen.

“Saudi Arabia got rid of legal and moral responsibility for its crimes in Yemen, moreover it is trying to bleach its page by humanitarian” Tawoos said .In statements to Al Masirah TV, commenting on the donors ’conference.

He added that the amounts mentioned at the international donors conference do not meet 10% of the necessary need in Yemen, describing the conference as disappointing hopes of the organizations and the United Nations.

He added that Yemen’s confidence in the UN organizations has been lost since silent of UN on the beginning of the aggression in 2015.

He pointed out that the humanitarian role of the United Nations will be achieved when the blockade is lifted and oil derivatives are allowed in, indicating that the amounts provided do not benefit our people as much as they benefit the international organizations.

Tawoos revealed that there are organizations related to European Union supported by the Aggression Coalition countries where they implement their work in Yemen according to the policies of aggression countries.

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