First phase of rehabilitation project for old Sana’a buildings inaugurated

Minister of Culture Abdullah al-Kabsi, Secretary General of SCMCHA , launched today the first phase of the project to restore the damaged historic buildings in old Sana’a, funded by the Secretariat of the Capital and the contribution of businessmen.

The project, implemented over a period of six months by the General Authority for the Conservation of Cities and Historic Monuments, includes the reconstruction of 12 houses, the partial restoration of 15 houses, the repair of the roofs of 182 houses, the maintenance and repair of the leaking of roofs for 146 houses.

According to Saba Agency, the project consists of six phases, including the implementation of total and partial renovations of houses affected by floods and rains and the repair of roofs, according to the architectural character of old Sana’a.

At the inauguration, which was held in the presence of Deputy Minister of Culture Mohammed Haidara, the Minister of Culture stressed the importance of implementing the project to restore the old buildings of Sana’a, which were damaged by floods and rains because of the city’s historical symbolism at the local and international level.

He pointed out that the concerned authorities are keen to make the project a success, which includes the reconstruction of the library of the great poet Abdullah al-Bardouni because of its cultural and historical value.
He said the library will be transformed into a national cultural museum, calling on businessmen to contribute to the implementation of all stages of the project, particularly the reconstruction of the Bardouni Library.

For his part, the Secretary of the Capital, pointed out the importance of implementing the project of renovating and rehabilitating the old buildings of Sana’a and addressing the damage caused by floods and rains to preserve this historic city, indicating that the secretariat of the capital carried out many service projects during the past period to restore the aesthetic and cultural appearance of the historic city of Sana’a.

Abad praised the efforts of the Ministry of Culture , SCMCHA and businessmen, who contributed to supporting this project.

For his part, Secretary General of SCMCHA Abdul Mohsen Tawoos, appreciated the supporte of the Secretariat of the capital and businessmen to restore the old buildings of Sana’a damaged, calling on government institutions to preserve historical cities and monuments, to intensify efforts to take care of the city of Sana’a and rebuild the library of the great poet Bardouni for its cultural and historical importance.

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