SCMCHA branch in Hajjah inaugurates three water projects in Washha and Kahlan Al-Sharaf districts.

Within the framework of SCMCHA’s efforts to direct funding toward facilitating the implementation of development and service initiatives that meet citizens’ needs.

The Supreme Council branch in Hajjah Governorate launched three water projects in the directorates of Washha and Kahlan Al-Sharaf for a total of 184,492 dollars, serving over 11,000 people.

The projects in Washha district included the rehabilitation of a well in Al-Dhari camp and a well in Moazin camp, as well as the construction of two stone tanks, each with an 8 cubic meter capacity, and the provision of an integrated solar energy system, implemented by the Organization of Psychologists.

It also includes the repair of two wells and the construction of two reservoirs, each having a capacity of 40 cubic meters and powered by solar energy, in the Kahlan Al-Sharaf district, implemented by the CARE organization.

This is in line with SCMCHAand its branch’s goal in undertaking sustainable development and service projects that meet the requirements of citizens.

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