Al-Hamli meets the governor of Al-Bayda and the deputy minister of local administration

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Ibrahim Al-Hamli, met today with the Governor of Al-Bayda, Abdullah Idris, and the Deputy Minister of Local Administration, Qassem Al-Hamran.

During the meeting, the Secretary-General of SCMCHA affirmed that over the previous time, SCMCHA collaborated with humanitarian action partners to conduct a number of development and service projects in Al-Bayda Governorate.

Al-Hamli emphasized SCMCHA’s eagerness and interest in conducting projects and actions that help to reducing residents’ human suffering as a result of the aggression and siege in all governorates.

The Governor of Al-Bayda and the Deputy Minister of Local Administration praised SCMCHA’s efforts and interest in Al-Bayda Governorate through the implementation of service and development initiatives over the last year. They urged SCMCHA to continue its support for the governorate.

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