Al-Hamli meets the representative of the International Labor Organization in Yemen

Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation,  Ibrahim Al-Hamli, met today with Tina Stermos, the International Labor Organization’s new representative in Yemen, to discuss aspects of humanitarian coordination and cooperation.

During the discussion, Al-Hamli emphasized the importance of organizations’ role in assisting with the implementation of development projects aimed at alleviating the human suffering endured by the Yemeni people as a result of the aggression and siege.

He confirmed SCMCHA’s eagerness to facilitate business and conduct humanitarian programs, emphasizing the need of coordination as a single point of contact and the body accountable for the organizations’ activity.

The organization’s representative, on her part, expressed her eagerness and willingness to collaborate with SCMCHA on all of the organization’s activities and projects.

The meeting was attended by the director of international organizations department of SCMCHA, Turki Jameel, and the director of projects and planning department of SCMCHA, Jamal Breah

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