SCMCHA condemns the assassination of the director of WFP in Taiz.

The Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation condemned the assassination of the director of WFP office, Moayad Hamidi, a Jordanian national, in Al-Turbah, Taiz Governorate, which is under the control of the Aggression Coalition and its mercenaries.

In a statement, SCMCHA considered the assassination of Hamidi a flagrant violation of Yemeni law, the country’s culture, customs and traditions, as well as a violation of international humanitarian law and human and religious values.

SCMCHA affirmed its stand against these actions of the mercenaries of aggression, which reflect the scene of security chaos and economic deterioration in the areas of mercenary control, as a result of the aggression, the siege, and the shameful silence of the United Nations and its agencies in Yemen.

SCMCHA denounced the silence of the United Nations regarding the repeated killings and looting in areas controlled by the mercenaries of aggression against United Nations agencies and other international organizations and humanitarian workers.

SCMCHA held the aggression coalition, its mercenaries, and the international community responsible for the crime of assassination and all crimes against humanitarian workers.

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