The Ba’ar Dam project in Haidan, Saada, is a title for agricultural advancement.

The project of building a water barrier, in the Wadi Ba’ar area of Juma bin Fadel in the Haidan district of Saada governorate, represents a qualitative achievement to meet the requirements of advancing the agricultural sector, reclamating neglected lands, and expanding coffee cultivation, after years of deprivation of basic services and development projects.

Yemen is one of the most water-scarce countries in the world, and getting this resource has become more difficult in light of the aggression that has destroyed thousands of dams, barriers, water tanks, pumps and irrigation canals in Yemen.

sustainable development projects

In order to improve access to water in rural areas that were deprived of development projects and basic services,SCMCHA works in coordination with international partners and donors to direct funds towards the implementation of sustainable development and service projects, such as projects for the construction of water barriers, rainwater collection tanks, Which provides job opportunities for local communities and facilitates access to water for drinking and irrigation of agricultural lands.

7100 beneficiaries of the project

In order to alleviate the suffering of the citizens living in eight villages belonging to Juma bin Fadel area in the Haidan district of Saada governorate, work continues at a high pace to complete the construction of the Ba’ar Dam, which has a storage capacity of 179 thousand cubic meters, and at a cost of 591 thousand eight hundred and five dollars, as part of the project to improve livelihoods and strengthen the resilience of the poor communities ,which was implemented by the Solidarity Foundation, funded by the German government through Vision of Hope International.

The project, which benefits 7,100 people, is part of the construction and development plans in the service of farmers, which contributes to the advancement of the agricultural sector, especially coffee cultivation, for which the region is famous after years of deprivation and suffering in the provision of water.

motivate farmers

Water projects and other development projects that have been completed and are being implemented under the supervision of SCMCHA in partnership with humanitarian action partners represent a glimmer of hope for the population in disadvantaged areas in a number of governorates, including Saada Governorate, as well as encouraging factor for farmers, especially coffee farmers in Juma bin Fadel area in the Haidan district. After years of deprivation.

Start implementing the project

In addition, the Undersecretary of Saada Governorate – Director of SCMCHA Branch of, Muhammad Hussein Baydan, was briefed on the progress of work in the Ba’ar Dam construction project in the Haidan district.

Bebdan, during the visit which was accompanied by the representative of Vision of Hope International Organization, Muhammad Al-Bayhani, indicated the importance of starting the implementation of the project in replenishing groundwater and advancing the agricultural sector.

Baydan explained that the start of the construction of the Ba’ar Dam comes within the efforts of SCMCHA by directing funds towards the implementation of sustainable projects that meet the needs of the citizen, under the continuous follow-up of the leadership of the Council represented by the President of the Supreme Council, Ahmed Hamed, and the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council, Ibrahim Al-Hamli as well as the interest from the political leadership.

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