SCMCHA branch of Al Hodeidah governorate distributes various aids to more than 3,800 beneficiaries.

Within the framework of SCMCHA efforts and its branches in the governorates, with humanitarian action partners, in alleviating the human suffering experienced by our people as a result of the aggression and siege, through the implementation of development, service and relief projects that contribute to alleviating human suffering.

SCMCHA branch of Al-Hodeidah Governorate launched a number of relief projects this month, including the distribution of 200 ventilators to the camps for IDP, in Al-Zahra, Al-Lahiya, Al-Munira, Al-Jarrahi, Zabid, Al-Hajaliah, and Al-Sukhna district funded by UNHCR and implemented by Jeel Al-Bena for Human Development within Site maintenance projects.

The director of SCMCHA branch in the governorate, Jaber Al-Razhi, explained that the distribution of rechargeable solar-powered fans targeted the elderly in the camps for IDP.

SCMCHA’s branch in Al Hodeidah also distributed 2,400 food baskets to poor, displaced and aggression-affected families in the districts of the governorate center, provided by Direct Aid Society.

The director of SCMCHA branch in the governorate, Jaber Al-Razhi, indicated that the first phase of food aid, which will be distributed in coordination with SCMCHA branch in the province, included “flour, rice, sugar, oil, beans and salt,” noting that the total beneficiaries of the three stages of aid are 11,200 beneficiaries.

In addition, SCMCHA branch of Al-Hodeidah Governorate, in the Kamaran district, launched a project to distribute more than 700 school bags for male and female students in Al-Jazeera schools, as part of the council’s efforts to reduce the burden of school enrollment costs .

Moreover, SCMCHA branch of Jabal Ras district inaugurated the distribution of 495 emergency shelter cases to IDP and those affected by the aggression.

The emergency shelter cases provided by UNHCR through the Jeel al-Bena Association include sponges, blankets, kitchen utensils,in addition to pails utensils.

SCMCHA branch in Al-Hodeidah Governorate also distributed the Women’s Economic Empowerment Project in Al-Zahra District by distributing 100 heads of sheep to 25 beneficiary women from displaced families, widows and the poorest women, with four heads of sheep “male and female” funded by UNHCR through Jeel Al Bena for human development

Jaber Al-Razhi, the director of SCMCHA branch in Al-Hodeidah Governorate, opened in Al-Mina district the second Al-Rahma Charitable Bakery and Restaurant.

The project, which is being implemented by Humanity for Humanitarian Relief and funded by philanthropists, aims to feed 300 families in the workers’ city square in the district with a daily meal over a period of five years.

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