Distributing 48 hand plows to farmers in Al-Matma of Al Jawf governorate.

The implementation of development, service, and agricultural projects that help increase the level of productivity of farmers who receive benefits and raise their level of income is in line with SCMCHA’s interest of alleviating the worst human suffering in the world caused by aggression and blockade.

SCMCHA’s branch in the Al-Jawf Governorate presented 48 manual plows to farmers in the Al-Matma District, which were funded by Yemen Aid organization and carried out by Nabd Development and Evolution organization, in the presence of the governor of the governorate, the local council, and the relevant authorities.

The project comes to support farmers by cultivating and reclaiming agricultural lands, which contributes to achieving self-sufficiency.

Last October,SCMCHA’s branch in Sana’a Governorate delivered 100 hand plows (frizat) to 100 beneficiary farmers in the districts of Manakhah, Saafan, Al-Haima Al-Dakhiliyah and Al-Haima Al-Kharjiah in the governorate, with the support of ICRC .

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