Al-Hamli meets the new resident representative of WFP.

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Ibrahim Al-Hamli, met today with the new resident representative of the World Food Program Richard Regan.

During the meeting, the progress of the activities of WFP in Yemen was discussed as well as the frameworks for coordination and cooperation between WFP and SCMCHA to achieve the objectives of humanitarian work in Yemen.

The meeting, which was attended by the head of the International Cooperation Department Ali Al-Kahlani and the head of planning department Faisal Modhish, discussed the humanitarian role that the WFP should play to contribute of alleviating suffering through full coordination and cooperation with SCMCHA, which works to facilitate the tasks of humanitarian action and implement its common objectives.

Al-Hamli stressed the importance of resuming work in the liberated areas of Ma’rib governorate, distributing aid in coordination with the Sana’a office as well as completing work in a number of Al Hodeidah districts in which some problems were addressed, so that beneficiaries in those areas would not be harmed.

He also confirmed the importance of moving from the emergency situation in the provision of services and aid to the implementation of projects of a sustainable nature and livelihood projects that directly contribute to alleviating the suffering of citizens.

Al Hamli stressed the importance of finding radical solutions with regard to shipments of corrupt or expired materials from the source or close to being Expired or damaged as a result of bad transportation and storage.

Al-Hamli urged that more efforts be made with donor countries to obtain funding and to limit the reduction of aid that is announced to be reduced from time to time, which, before the reduction, was originally not meeting the minimum necessary need.

He pointed to the importance of paying attention to the coordination process and to submit reports to SCMCHA in an active manner to contribute effectively to facilitating the tasks of humanitarian work and the access of aid to those who deserve it.

For his part, the resident representative of WFP appreciated the efforts made by SCMCHA to facilitate the tasks of humanitarian work, stressing the WFP’s keenness to continue its humanitarian work and implement its duties in this field.

He also confirmed the keenness to work according to a mechanism concerned with aspects of coordination and joint cooperation to ensure the facilitation of humanitarian tasks and to overcome any problems that may arise to serve the common objectives to reduce the existing human suffering.

The meeting was attended by Head of the Centeral and technical committee of SCMCHA, Eng. Anwar Hashem Allahigy,
the director of the Ma’rib branch, Saleh al-Sharif, the director of international organizations of SCMCHA,Turki Jamil, and the WFP relations officer, Laura Kazitov.

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