The chairman of SCMCHA discusses with SCMCHA’s members the mechanisms of coordination between the authorities and SCMCHA.

A meeting of SCMCHA manegment was held today by the Director of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Chairman of the Council Ahmed Hamid.

The meeting, attended by Deputy Prime Minister for Services and Development Affairs, Hussein Makbouli, and members of the council manegment , discussed coordination mechanisms between the authorities and SCMCHA , and criteria for project approval and issuance of permits.

The Secretary-General of SCMCHA, Ibrahim Al-Hamali, reviewed the outcomes of the previous meeting and provided clarifications about the mechanism of dealing and the benefit of joint coordination to develop solutions and remedies and overcome imbalances.

The meeting approved a number of proposed mechanisms after absorbing the observations on them, considering the SCMCHA the only way for coordination and dealing with all UN, international and local organizations.

It stressed the importance of providing the General Secretariat of the Council with the ministries’ reports on all programmes, projects, activities and interventions submitted by donors, UN and international organizations during the last period.

The meeting confirmed that developing a clear mechanism is so important t to deal with agricultural projects, in particular seeds, in accordance with national and humanitarian standards.

He pointed to the importance of updating the humanitarian and development needs plan in line with the needs priorities and commensurate with humanitarian work standards to meet the actual needs, as well as to develop appropriate solutions regarding the process of managing and activating the national partners in the Clustersto identify the needs and the response plan.

At the meeting, Hamed stressed the importance of effective coordination with SCMCHA as it is the one official coordinated way for the work of organizations and authorities.
Hamad aslo confirmed that all ministries have to adhere to the agreed upon mechanism regarding the coordination process and mechanisms for project approval and issuance of permits.

He pointed out that the situation after the issuance of the regulation of SCMCHA has become more clear and allows the parties to understand the mechanisms of coordination and dealing in a way that achieves the national interest and alleviates human suffering.

He pointed out that SCMCHA is keen on facilitating and coordinating humanitarian work and removing any obstacles that may accured in the field during implementation.

The Chairman of SCMCHA noted the importance of improving programs, projects and activities for humanitarian and development interventions in a way that contributes to achieving humanitarian objectives.

He urged finding alternatives in light of reducing food and cash aid, calling on organizations to play their role in raising the level of humanitarian aid to Yemen, which suffers from the worst humanitarian crisis, and to reduce its operational budget, which is calculated at the expense of humanitarian aid provided to beneficiaries and the neediest.

He stressed the importance of finding serious and integrated national action to motivate and activate the return programs of IDP, provide their needs and encourage them to return to their areas.

Hamed also pointed to importance of paying attention to the issue of African refugees and to discuss with the relevant authorities to develop appropriate solutions and treatments.

He called for the development of integrated national plans and programs in which all relevant parties participate to develop solutions to the phenomenon of beggary and the presence of children in the streets as one of the objectives of humanitarian work, taking care of this kind of society, and developing solutions to curb this phenomenon.

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