Tawoos: 35 billion riyals were disbursed to one million and 100,000 beneficiaries

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Abdulmohsen Tawoos, confirmed that the launch of the 11th session of the emergency cash transfers project for social security beneficiaries funded by the World Bank through UNICEF, and which was disbursed through Al-Amal Bank and Al-Kuraimi Bank, comes within the framework of the efforts made by SCMCHA to alleviate the suffering of citizen caused by the aggression and siege, which is considered the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

In a special statement to ,” Tawoos explained that the number of beneficiaries of cash transfers in this round is one million and 104 thousand, and 118 beneficiaries are registered in the roll of the Social Welfare Fund, distributed over 22 governorates and 331 districts , where they support about 11 million people.

Tawoos indicated that the total amount allocated for this round is approximately 35 billion Yemeni riyals, with an increase of 55%, indicating that the exchange process will continue until the end of this month.

Tawoos stressed that the current exchange round differs from previous , as SCMCHA worked with UNICEF to determine the basic amount of the Social Welfare Fund in US dollars, and transfer it to Yemeni riyals based on the exchange rate in each region, with the aim of supporting the national economy and maintaining purchasing power for the benefit of the beneficiary, as well as let the country get benefit of it.

Tawoos pointed out that the disbursement round for phase 11 included all governorates of Yemen, and also accommodated beneficiaries with special needs and the elderly, within the approved cases in the roll of the Social Welfare Fund.

Tawoos pointed out that SCMCHA worked to simplify the exchange process by facilitating field teams for home delivery and exchange for the elderly and the disabled through fixed and mobile exchange agents’ centers in all governorates.

The process of disbursing the eleventh session of the emergency cash transfers project comes after a series of meetings held by the head of the International Cooperation Department of SCMCHA, Mana’ al-Asal, with UNICEF and the Social Fund for Development, to discuss and improve the quality of service in the eleventh session, to overcome the negatives of the previous exchange to work on disbursement procedures on time agreed.

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