SCMCHA branch in Hodeidah inaugurates the second phase of the disbursement of cash transfers for IDPs.


SCMCHA branch in Hodeidah governorate launched today the second phase of the disbursement of cash transfers for IDPs in the province as a result of the U.S.-Saudi aggression.

Director of the Branch, Jaber al-Razhi, said that cash transfer which has been given through UNHCR Jeel al Benaa associationsociety target 5,277 IDPs.

He appreciated UNHCR’s contributions to alleviating the suffering of IDPs as a result of the aggression and siege. He called on beneficiaries to go to exchange centers.

In addition, five charitable bakeries were opened today in Hawlk district of al-Hodeidah governorate to secure a loaf of bread for 300 families of pmartyrs, displaced persons, the poor and those in need funded by the Jana Development Foundation.

Jaber al-Razhi, during the opening, appreciated adoption of the project by Jana Development Foundation during the holy month.

He stressed the support of the leadership of SCMCHA for initiatives that aimed at alleviating the suffering of citizens in light of the continuing aggression and siege.

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