Tawoos inspects quarantine places at Afar and al-Bayda .

The Secretary General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Abdul Mohsen Tawoos, inspected today quarantine sites in Al-Bayda governorate.

The Secretary General of the Council, together with Al-Bayda Province’s First Deputy Hammoud Shatan and First Deputy Of Thamar Province, Fahad al-Marouni, was briefed on the arrangements in quarantine at the Afar port and the Faculty of Education in Al-Bayda.

Tawoos stressed that quarantine lacks the health services that international organizations should provide. He called on organizations working in Yemen to take responsibility of providing the needs of quarantine centres for housing, food and health items.

He noted that the Supreme Council will make every effort with the competent authorities and organizations to provide all the needs to cope with the coronavirus.

He pointed out that the quarantine comes within the framework of precautionary measures and procedures and the necessary tests to protect everyone. He stressed the importance of cooperating with the competent authorities in confronting the virus by adhering to instructions issued by the government to prevent the country from the epidemic.

Tawoos also called on international organizations to provide the requirements and needs of quarantine centers. He urged everyone to cooperate and facilitate the physical check up of arrivals.

He praised the efforts of the Ministry of Health, the local authority and the sustainable development and development-building institutions to provide some quarantine needs. He praised the interaction of citizens who had the lead in providing shelter and food services to people in quarantine.

They were accompanied by The Displaced Persons Project Manager Emad Al-Magalis and Director of Sustainable Development ByThmar Mohammed Al-Masfi.

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