Tawoos : The threat to stop humanitarian aid is a political card blackmail Yemenis.


The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation (SCMCHA) Abdel Mohsen Tawoos, confirmed that some UN organizations play a political role and use aid as a threat card for Yemenis.

Tawoos said in a statement to Al Masirah TV channel shortly before this evening that the aid that reaches the Yemeni people does not amount to 20% of what the Yemeni people need, stressing that most of amounts of money spent by organizations goes in favor of the work of the organizations and not the affected people.

The Secretary-General of the Council said that the promotion of humanitarian organizations to stop humanitarian aid came in conjunction with the victories in Marib and Al-Jawf.

He added, “The way of extortion by cutting aid does not work for the Yemenis, and if this threat continues, things will turn against them.”

Tawoos considered UN statements to cut aid by threat by UN coordinator Liz Grande, who playing a card of non-compliance with official frameworks.

Tawoos said: Liz Grande connects humanitarian work with political reality, and exerts pressure on a number of organizations working in the field

Secretary General stressed that the United Nations organizations intentionally not coordinate with the Supreme Council , and some of them receive pressure from the United Nations coordinator, calling for the rapid disposal of corrupt materials and their rapid destruction as a result of poor storage by the organizations in Hajjah.

He also called on organizations to adhere to the official frameworks devoted to humanitarian action and to take responsibility.

He considered that the organizations ‘purchase of food from the local market is one of the solutions to solvethe problem of bad storage and distribution by the organizations. He explained the council’s keenness to improve the organizations’ performance, and the necessary procedures will be taken towards the violating organizations.

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