Discussion of the performance of international organizations working in Sa’da governorate.

An expanded meeting in Sa’da governorate on Monday, chaired by the Secretary General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Abdul Mohsen Taous, and The Governor of Sa’da ,Mohammed Jaber Awad, discussed the province’s needs for service projects and humanitarian assistance.

The meeting, which brought together the province’s agents and advisers, executive directors office , international organizations, private institutions working in the humanitarian field in the province, reviewed reports on the work of international organizations and institutions and associations working in the province and their role in alleviating the suffering of Citizens caused by aggression.

At the meeting, Tawoos stressed the importance of strengthening the partnership between the parties working in the humanitarian field, explaining that all parties are part of a team that seeks to achieve the common goal of alleviating the human suffering that the Yemeni people are going by continuance  aggression and blockade.

He pointed out that most of the organizations’ projects spend   80% from the project’s funding as administrative expenses and expenses . He stressed that international organizations shall implement projects through local institutions and executive offices in coordination with the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, and they shall be abide by transparency in the implementation of works and projects.

He pointed out that the Council will make effort to move forward with humanitarian work to protect and secure humanitarian workers. He will also seriously stand up to constructive discussions that serve the field work and develop remedies and proposals, stressing that there is no room to deal with the manipulation and corruption that exists within international organizations.

The governor of Sa’da praised the council’s keenness to alleviate the suffering of citizens by properly directing humanitarian assistance to meet the actual need. He pointed out the importance of coordination between the local authority in the province and the Supreme Council to provide humanitarian and relief assistance to citizens.

The governor called for concerted efforts  to alleviate part of the suffering of the people of the province, especially the border ones.

Mohammed Jaber Awad referred to the consequences of the aggression, including the illegal immigration of Africans to the province and their need for services in the absence of the role of organizations. He also expressed  the readiness of the local authority to provide humanitarian facilities.

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