Tawoos inspects humanitarian situation in Sa’da governorate.

The Secretary General of the Supreme Council for the Management  and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs visited Sa’da governorate to inspect the humanitarian work and discuss the problems and difficulties of developing solutions and remedies that may  alleviate the human suffering caused by the direct targeting of civilians and public services and the destruction of infrastructure by  aggression states.

The Secretary General of the Council met in the presence of the Governor of Sa’da Governorate, Mohammed Jaber Awad ,with the province’s agents, executive office managers, representatives of the provincial district  and a number of representatives of local institutions, to discuss the needs of the province in the relief and humanitarian aspects.

The meeting touched on the province’s needs for service projects in the fields of water, roads, education, health and reconstruction.

The Secretary-General of the Council stressed the importance of working to provide needs in accordance with urgent priorities and to overcome difficulties to facilitate humanitarian work that alleviates the human suffering caused by the aggression against all Yemenis in general and the people of Sa’da governorate in particular.

The governor of Sa’da praised the council’s keenness to alleviate the suffering of citizens through the proper guidance of humanitarian assistance to meet the actual need.

He pointed out the importance of coordination between the authority in the province and the Supreme Council to provide humanitarian and relief assistance to citizens.

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