Discussing the working mechanism between SCMCHA, government agencies, and the Protection Cluster.

An expanded meeting of SCMCHA, government agencies, the Protection Cluster, and partner organizations was held today in Sana’a, headed by the Secretary-General of SCMCHA, Ibrahim Al-Hamli.

The meeting, included the Minister of Human Rights in the caretaker government, Ali Al-Dailami, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ali Al-Razami, the head of the Executive Center for Mine Action, Brigadier General Ali Safra, and the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Akhlaq Al-Shami, reviewed the activities implemented during the current year in the protection sector.

The meeting, attended by a number of representatives of ministries, relevant authorities, and organizations, discussed the priorities of the needs plan for the year 2024, which determines the actual need according to the needs priorities submitted by the relevant authorities in the protection sector.

Ways to improve performance in implementing the 2024 response plan were also reviewed in order to alleviate the worst human suffering in the world that Yemen is experiencing as a result of the aggression and siege.

The Secretary-General of SCMCHA, Al-Hamli,at the meeting explained the extent of the human suffering in Yemen, which has been exacerbated by the continued aggression and siege.

He confirmed the importance of reviewing the needs of protection activities in accordance with the plans and priorities of the actual need submitted by the relevant concerned authorities, pointing out the importance of coordination with SCMCHA, as it is concerned with dealing with international, international and local organizations working in the humanitarian field.

Al-Hamli emphasized the SCMCHA’s keenness to facilitate humanitarian work for all organizations, stressing the importance of working to provide aid and contribute to alleviating the suffering of those affected, through implementing sustainable development projects.

The Minister of Human Rights, Al-Dailami,For his part, stressed the importance of coordination between the ministries, concerned authorities and the Protection Cluster in Yemen through SCMCHA to achieve humanitarian objectives.

He pointed out the importance of working according to the priorities and needs necessary to achieve goals and serve humanitarian work, especially in the field of protecting women and children.

The attendees affirmed the keenness to coordinate the concerned authorities and organizations with SCMCHA and to work in accordance with SCMCAH’s agreed-upon mechanism to serve humanitarian work

The meeting was attended by SCMCHA’s Director General of Monitoring and Evaluation, Mohammed Al-Razza.

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