Inauguration of work on the maintenance and rehabilitation project of the southern street of Ibb city

The Governor of Ibb, Abdul Wahed Salah, the advisor to the President of the Supreme Political Council, Muhammad Muftah, and the head of SCMCHA’s Planning and Evaluation Department, Ali Al-Kahlani, inaugurated today work on the project to maintain and rehabilitate the southern street of Ibb city, at a cost of one million and 21 thousand dollars.

The length of the road extending from Saila Jableh to the Shaban area in the governorate center is five kilometers and 130 meters, funded by the World Bank through UNOPS.

At the inauguration, which was attended by SCMCHA’s Director General of Projects, Jamal Barih, the governor appreciated SCMCHA’s efforts and those concerned to begin implementing the project, which meets part of the requirements of citizens and road users.

He stressed the implementing agency to expedite the completion of the project in accordance with the approved technical and engineering specifications and within the specified time period.

For his part, Head of the Planning and Evaluation Department, Ali Al-Kahlani, explained that the inauguration of the project comes within the framework of SCMCHA’s leadership’s interest in directing funds towards implementing development projects that contribute to alleviating the worst human suffering in the world that our people are experiencing as a result of the aggression and siege.

For his part, the director of SCMCHA’s branch in the governorate, Abdul Rahman Al-Arjali, explained that the project will contribute to improving services for citizens, and exploiting the agricultural and economic tourism components that the governorate abounds to translate the leadership’s direction towards implementing projects that meet the needs of the citizen.

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