SCMCHA condemns the kidnapping of MSF employees in Marib

The Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation condemned the crime of kidnapping two employees working for the international organization MSF, one German and the other from Myanmar, in Marib governorate, which is under the control of the aggression coalition and its mercenaries.

SCMCHA stated in a statement that kidnapping is a flagrant violation of Yemeni law and the culture, customs, and traditions of Yemeni people , as well as a violation of international humanitarian law and human and religious values, negatively impacting the ability to provide humanitarian aid to those in need in areas under the control of the aggression.

SCMCHA reiterated its condemnation of the aggression’s mercenaries’ actions, which reflect the scene of security chaos in the areas under mercenary control as a result of the aggression’s repercussions, the siege, and the shameful silence of the United Nations and its agencies in Yemen.

SCMCHA expressed its condemnation of the silence of the United Nations regarding the repeated killings, looting, and kidnappings that occur in areas controlled by mercenaries against United Nations agencies, other international organizations, and humanitarian workers.

According to SCMCHA’s statement, protecting humanitarian workers and making their work easier is a vital aspect of Yemeni society’s religious, human, moral, and ethical values and identity.

SCMCHA held the aggression coalition, its mercenaries and the international community responsiblilty for the crime of kidnapping and all crimes against humanitarian workers.

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