SCMCHA warns of the catastrophic consequences of further aid cuts.

SCMCHA warns of the catastrophic consequences of further aid cuts.

The Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation warned of the catastrophic consequences of further aid cuts on the lives of millions of affected people, and the exacerbation of the worst human suffering in the world, experienced by the Yemeni people as a result of the nine-year-old siege.

In a statement issued today, SCMCHA confirmed that the worsening of the humanitarian situation in Yemen is only caused to the deliberate actions of the aggression countries, that have used the humanitarian card as a leverage tactic to force the Yemeni people to obedience. As a result, Yemen is currently experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world with evidence that the level of human suffering has increased dangerously and daily.

SCMCHA aslo issued a dire warning about the devastating effects of cutting aid on the lives of millions of impacted people as well as the country’s worsening humanitarian and economic conditions amid high rates of hunger and malnutrition, particularly for vulnerable groups like children, women, pregnant women, and the elderly.


SCMCHA calls on donors and UN to mobilize funds and fulfill their commitments to the Yemeni people by delivering assistance to the millions of affected people in Yemen, to contribute to the alleviation of human suffering, and to avoid from imposing further restrictions on the Yemeni people.

The statment of SCMCHA held the aggression countries fully responsible for using the humanitarian card as a war card to starve the Yemeni people, stop funding, and put pressure on the UN to cut aid.

SCMCHA urges the international community to play its role in putting pressure on the countries of aggression by trying to lift the blockade and neutralize the humanitarian file, rather than using it as a political card to achieve political gains.


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