Al-Hamli urges the emergency committees to increase their preparedness to deal with the flood damage.

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Ibrahim Al-Hamli, directed the Joint Emergency Committee to raise readiness to face the damage caused by torrential rains in the various governorates.

This was stated today at a meeting attended by the head of the Civil Defense Authority, Major General Ibrahim Al-Moayyed, and members of the Joint Emergency Committee from the concerned authorities and organizations, to prepare and raise readiness to face the damage caused by torrential rains, as well as to implement the response and interventions.

During the meeting, Al-Hamli emphasized the importance of the Joint Emergency Committee’s role in dealing with disasters, responding to them, and preparing reports on the damage to governorates, collapses in important roadways, and other losses in residents’ properties, facilities, and houses.

He pointed out the importance of increasing readiness, particularly during the rainy season, working to tackle disasters, providing emergency relief to individuals affected by excessive rains, and executing efficient development, service, and relief activities.

He emphasized the importance of an effective response to flood water drainage requirements, stressing the necessity to address disaster-prone areas such as torrential rains or rockslides by implementing interventions to prevent or restrict their occurrence.

He advocated for equipping the Civil Defense Authority and meeting its other demands so that it could carry out its duties as needed.

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