Al-Hamli discusses with EU officials the humanitarian situation in Yemen

Secretary-General of SCMCHA,Ibrahim Al-Hamli,
discussed in an online meeting with the EU Ambassador to Yemen, Gabriel Monuera Vinals, issues related to the progress of humanitarian work in Yemen.

The meeting, which included the Deputy Director of Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations at the European Commission, Michael Koehler, and Acting Deputy Director for Multilateral Partnerships at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ola Sohlstrom, and the official of the Humanitarian Affairs Office for Yemen at the European Commission, Vicky, in Belgium, discussed ways to bypass Difficulties and the improvement and development of humanitarian work.

Al-Hamli presented a presentation on the world’s worst humanitarian condition, caused by more than eight years of aggression and blockade, and strategies to expand work by raising the amount of humanitarian funds, which will help to improving the humanitarian and economic situation.

He reviewed SCMCHA’s role as a responsible authority for dealing with UN, international and local organizations in managing and coordinating humanitarian work, and facilitating the work of organizations.

He emphasized the importance of paying attention to the refugee file through the implementation of programs and actions to support them, as well as offering support to work on eliminating the remnants of aggression to reduce civilian casualties.

Al-Hamli reaffirmed the council’s commitment to alleviate the human suffering endured by the Yemeni people, calling on European Union donors and the Swedish Foreign Ministry to open European Union offices in Sana’a, to assess the extent of the suffering experienced by the Yemeni people, and to supervise the grants provided by them to organizations.

He also stressed SCMCHA’s keenness to improve collaboration with the European Union and collaborate in addressing all concerns and difficulties in order to provide humanitarian relief to those in need.


In turn, the donors appreciated SCMCHA’s efforts and emphasized the importance of continuing to hold frequent meetings. Because of its significance in improving the delivery of humanitarian aid to Yemenis.


The meeting was attended by the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation of SCMCHA, Muhammad Al-Razzaa, and international and foreign organizations, Turki Jameel, and the Counselor of the Humanitarian Aid Department of the Embassy of Sweden in Jordan, and Anna Jetit.

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