Flood damage statistics: more than 22,000 families affected

Over 22,000 families were affected by the torrential rains that occurred in a number of governorates from March to May 2023.

In a report revealing flood statistics,SCMCHA stated that the torrential rains killed and injured more than 18 people, the majority of whom were displaced, and affected 22,306 families in 15 governorates..

According to the assessment, there were 21,378 damaged homes, with 8,339 fully destroyed, 13,34 partially destroyed, and 51 deteriorated..

The report stated that 159 agricultural areas were damaged, 82 rockslides and road blocks occurred, 28 dams, wells, and water networks collapsed, and 22 livestock were damaged..

According to the report, the governorate of Hajjah was one of the governorates most affected by civilian property damage, while the governorate of Al-Mahweet was hit by rockslides, which blocked roads and slowed traffic.

The council confirmed that the damage caused by the torrents in the displaced persons camps, infrastructure, citizens’ houses, and fields compounded the human suffering endured by the Yemeni people in light of the worst humanitarian catastrophe as a result of the aggression and blockade.

SCMCHA emphasized that the damage calls for humanitarian and relief organizations operating in Yemen to rapidly intervene to provide aid to people affected and meet their fundamental needs of shelter, food, and shelter supplies.

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