Al-Hamli opens a shelter for illegal immigrants in Saada

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Ibrahim Al-Hamli, and the Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Abdullah Al-Hadi, opened a shelter for illegal immigrants in Saada.

During the inauguration, Al-Hamli stated that the opening of the center, which was provided by the Immigration and Passports Authority, is in the interest of the Supreme Political Council and its desire to solve the problem of illegal immigrants to the governorate, so that they can be gathered there in preparation for deportation.

Al-Hamli confirmed that SCMCHA will work to follow up the organizations by working to provide the necessary support to the center and provide its needs.

He reaffirmed the interest in illegal immigrants while calling on the organizations involved with immigrant affairs to play their role towards illegal immigrants and to provide the center with the necessary support in the areas of health, shelter, and other issues.

In turn, the head of the Immigration and Passports Authority, Major General Ismail Al-Moayyed, indicated that the illegal immigrants who flow into Yemen represent a security, social, and economic problem.

He stated that the Ministry of the Interior deals with illegal immigrants in accordance with international laws and standards, through the measures taken by the Immigration and Passports Authority, represented by ,gathering them in shelter centers in preparation for their deportation to their countries.

Major General Al-Moayad pointed out that Saada is one of the governorates that large numbers of illegal immigrants arrive to.

He said, “For this reason, the shelter center was established in the governorate, funded by the Immigration and Passports Authority, consisting of four sections, with a capacity of approximately 600 people, and it meets the required humanitarian conditions.” .

He stressed that the concerned international organizations did not fulfill their duty towards the illegal immigrants in Yemen, and that the deportation of illegal immigrants to their countries is one of the organizations’ tasks where they have international support to do this, but they abandoned their role, which prompted the Immigration and Passports Department of the Ministry of Interior to work to provide centers with sheltering and gathering of illegal immigrants therein in order to prepare of their deportation.

While the director of SCMCHA branch , Muhammad Baydan, confirmed that the shelter center will contribute to solving the problem of the flow of illegal immigrants into the province, so that they are gathered there in preparation for their deportation.

The opening was attended by the Assistant Undersecretary of the Immigration and Passports Authority, Brigadier General Ammar Al-Hamli, the Director of Security of Saada Governorate, Brigadier General Abdullah Al-Tawoos, the Director General of the Authority’s branch in Saada, Colonel Abdullah Hazeb, the Director General of Deportation, Director of the Migrant Shelter Center, Lieutenant Colonel Hussein Al-Kibsi, and the Director General of Monitoring and Evaluation in SCMCHA, Muhammad Al-Razzaa, Director of Local and organizations department of SCMCHA, Abdul Salam Nawab.

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