Tawoos announces new development projects to be implemented in Hodeidah with more than $13 million.

Within the framework of SCMCHA efforts with donors to direct the funds granted to Yemen to development and service projects that meet the important and necessary needs of the citizen in the field of basic services, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Abdel Mohsen Tawoos, announced new development and service projects that will be implemented byo UNOPS in Hodeidah, with more than 13 million dollars.

This came during his meeting with the Executive Director of UNOPS, Fayyad Rasoul, that the service and development projects that the office will finance in the Hodeidah governorate, which will include the water and sanitation sectors, solid waste removal, roads, health and lighting, at an amount of 13 million and 450 one thousand dollars.

During the meeting,in the presence of the governor of Al-Hodeidah Muhammad Qahim, the Deputy Minister of Water and Environment Haneen Al-Dreeb and the governorate’s deputy Muhammad Helisi, Tawoos stressed that the SCMCHA focuses on the priorities that meet the necessary needs of the citizen in various sectors, health, roads, water and others.

Tawoos pointed out that the Hodeidah governorate lacks development and service projects, especially the sanitation sector, which has reached a deteriorating level in the city of Hodeidah.
He indicated that SCMCHA worked to direct the funds granted to Yemen to implement development projects that have great benefit to the citizen.

Tawoos appreciated the efforts of UNOPS in implementing service projects that touch the needs of citizens and contribute to alleviating their suffering.
He confirmed the provision of support and overcoming the difficulties facing the humanitarian activities of the Office.

In turn, Governor Qahim indicated the governorate’s need for service projects in various sectors, pointing out that the aggression and siege had destroyed the infrastructure of vital projects in water, electricity, hygiene, roads, and others.

For his part , Deputy Minister of Water and Environment Haneen Al-Dreeb indicated that Hodeidah suffers from a lack of service projects especially in rural areas that lack the most basic necessities of life, including water, stressing the importance of providing urgent services to these areas.

For his part, Fayyad Rasoul appreciated the cooperation of SCMCHA in its cooperation and facilitating the tasks of the organizations.

He affirmed the readiness to intervene in the sewage, rainwater drainage, lighting and water sectors, explaining that the interventions will focus alongside the governorate center in the districts of Bajil and Beit al-Faqih and a number of Secondary cities, especially in the service sector.

This comes within the framework of the efforts made by SCMCHA in directing the funds allocated to Yemen towards implementing development and service projects that serve the citizen in various governorates, including Hodeidah.

The Secretary-General of SCMCHA , Abdulmohsen Tawoos, had inaugurated development and service projects in Al-Hodeidah on December 1, and laid the foundation stones for 25 service and development projects in Al-Zahra and Al-Qanaws districts in Al-Hodeidah governorate, at a total cost of 414 million riyals.

It also inaugurated six development projects in the liberated areas of Hodeidah in mid-November, at a total cost of 521 million and 193 thousand riyals, benefiting more than 70,000 citizens.

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