Discussion of ZOA projects in Al-Mahweit Governorate.

The director of SCMCHA Branch in Al-Mahweit Governorate, Mutahar Sharaf, discussed today with The Country Director of ZOA, Kirhard Barchi, the coordination and cooperation between the branch and the organization in the humanitarian field and the projects that the organization will implement and its plan during the coming period in the province.

The meeting, which was attended by the directors of the offices of the Water Foundation Abdul Karim Al-Akhmim and Rural Water Amin Al-Mahweti and the Office of Governor Ahmed Marwan, reviewed the organization’s projects in the field of water and environmental sanitation, which are planned to be implemented in a number districts as part of its plan for the current year.

The meeting confirmed the keenness of the leadership of SCMCHA to provide all the facilities for the success of the organization’s projects ,activities and their implementation in the district.

The meeting indicated the importance of expanding the organization’s activities in the field of humanitarian and relief, sustainable projects and livelihoods in districts, and adopting service and humanitarian projects that service the local community and displaced people as well as touch the needs of the people in the province, which is suffering from difficult situations due to the aggression and siege by the states of the coalition of aggression that has been going on for six years.

In turn, Barchi appreciated the facilities provided by SCMCHA branch in the province and the fruitful and continuous coordination with the organization’s team ..
He added the organization’s intention to expand its services and implement projects in the areas of water, sanitation, food security, health and roads.

He pointed out that technical studies will be initiated to the possibility of adopting a number of water and health projects for the affected in a number of districts, as well as the implementation of other projects in the relief and service aspects.

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