The branch of SCMCHA handed over to the local council in Shars district the third phase of the Raqqa water project

The project included the construction of two tanks with a capacity of 115 cubic meters, the supply and installation of a solar-powered pumping unit, the restoration of two concrete water tanks with a capacity of 125 cubic meters, the implementation of pumping and liquefaction lines, and the restoration and maintenance of the previous water networks at a cost of 249 thousand and 100 dollars, which was funded by the German Cooperation and Economic Fund through the Vision of Hope International organization.


During the handover, Allan Fadael, Director of SCMCHA Branch in the Governorate, emphasized the significance of sustainable projects that contribute to delivering safe and clean drinking water to hundreds of families and boosting the livelihoods of disadvantaged people.


Allan emphasized SCMCHA’s interest in allocating funds to implement sustainable development projects in a variety of sectors that contribute to alleviating citizens’ suffering from the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, which the Yemeni people are experiencing as a result of the aggression and siege.

Allan noted that the project will assist 5,000 and 112 individuals in 35 communities in the district, emphasizing the importance of building a structure to assure the initiative’s sustainability

While the people of the region appreciated the efforts of the leadership of SCMCHA and the governorate in implementing the project


For his part, President of the Solidarity Foundation, Zaid Al-Ali, reviewed the components of the project, including a pumping system powered by solar energy with a capacity of 30,000 watts, and a pumping and liquefaction network with a length of 13,682 meters


The handover was attended by the director of the Rural Water Projects Authority branch, Engineer Saleh Al-Falahi, the project manager, Saleh Al-Qadmi, and the director of the Roya Organization Amal Abdul Karim branch

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