Minister of Finance and Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs discuss the progress of MSF programs.

During the meeting, they discussed the organization’s plans and programs in Yemen and ways to strengthen cooperation between the organization and various government agencies.

The meeting touched on coordination mechanisms to facilitate the organization’s work and enable it to perform its humanitarian tasks to serve the largest segment of society.

The Minister of Finance welcomed MSF’s program director, expressing the aspiration for the organization to play its hoped-role, particularly in terms of alleviating the health suffering which  has been aggravated by the blockade imposed on Yemen since about five  year  ago .

Al-Kahlani pointed out the importance of organizing work between the various organizations working in our country and government agencies to ensure that these organizations carry out their work easily through the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, which is the main responsibility for monitoring all the work of the organizations and overcoming Functions.

Al-Kahlani said it is important to develop partnerships with the organization and benefit from qualified Yemeni cadres working in humanitarian organizations. He also  said that the  work  shall be on clear foundations that govern the relationship of organizations to government agencies.


He added  that the Ministry of Finance observe  carefully  the humanitarian experience of organizations operating in Yemen c.  He also stressed  the priority of drawing up an integrated map of needs at the geographical level and the need for services to ensure logical and realistic distribution


On the other  hand , the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation ,Abdul Mohsen Tawoos, confirmed that the Council represents the only window for exchanging information and data with organizations working in Yemen.

Abdul Mohsen praised MSF’s efforts, especially the services that provides at the Khumr, Wahidan ,and Kuwait Hospitals.

He noted that the Council is keen to provide all facilities to the organization within the framework of joint cooperation

He stressed that the Council would work to overcome all difficulties and remove obstacles to the organization’s work so that it could carry out its tasks to the fullest.

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