SCMCHA organizes a celebratory event to honor productive families.

The Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation arranged a celebratory event today to honor productive families, coinciding with International Women’s Day and the passing of eight years of steadfastness in the face of aggression.

The Secretary-General of SCMCHA, Ibrahim al-Hamli, explained at the event, held under the slogan “Yemeni women are partners in development,” that Yemeni women are partners in steadfastness in the face of aggression and in development, in light of the intellectual invasion that targets Muslim women under false titles such as freedom and evolution.

During the occasion, which was attended by Faisal Modhesh, the head of the SCMCHA Planning Department, it was emphasized that women are tremendously respected in Islam, and they are honored by God in all divine religions and laws, as the Holy Qur’an taught us. Noting that culture in Yemen places women in a prominent position and places appreciation and respect in numerous fields, contrary to what some enemies claim.

Al-Hamli highlighted the importance of reviving the event, which coincided with the passing of eight years of steadfastness in the face of aggression, in order to increase knowledge and learn about the role of women, whom the enemies seek to exclude from the framework of the soft war that they are pursuing.

He touched on the contribution of Yemeni women in presenting a unique model with strong faith over the years of aggression, embodying the most wonderful examples in confronting aggression plots and coming out on top for the cause, principles, and values. He emphasized the dangers of separating one’s identity and national symbols, as well as the need for an awakening to address the threats to one’s faith identity.

Al-Hamli  appreciated  productive households’ contributions to Yemen’s development path, citing tiny and small projects as a central aspect in the revival of the society economy in light of the humanitarian and economic crises caused by the aggression and blockade on Yemen eight years ago..


The event, which was attended by Ghada Abu Taleb, the head of the National Committee for Women, and Amat al-Malik al-Khashab, the director of the Women and Children Department of SCMCHA  , touched on the importance of Yemeni women’s roles in various fields, as well as the honor and appreciation they receive from society. Noting that Yemeni women played an important part in reinforcing steadfastness and confronting aggression.

While the participants emphasized the importance of raising Muslim women’s awareness of the dangers of the soft war woven by the nation’s enemies in the presence of the Director General of the Audit, Edris Al-Shami, Sarah Jahaf, the Women’s Sector Officer at Bunyan Foundation, and Florence, the Women’s Protection Cluster official in Yemen.

The event included a flash presentation on the role of Yemeni women in production and manufacturing, and honoring a number of productive families.

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