Al-Hamli: One million and 500 thousand beneficiaries of emergency cash transfer assistance.

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Ibrahim Al-Hamli, confirmed that the total beneficiaries of emergency cash transfers in the stage 14 is one million and 500 thousand beneficiaries of Social Security cases amounted to 22 billion riyals.

Al-Hamli explained that the disbursement of the 14th round of the emergency cash transfer project for social security beneficiaries funded by the World Bank through the Social Fund for Development began last Monday and will continue until December 27.

He pointed out that the project comes within the framework of SCMCHA’s efforts to alleviate the suffering of the beneficiaries and those affected by the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, which the Yemeni people are experiencing, as a result of the aggression and siege.

Al-Hamli indicated that the number of beneficiaries are registered in the lists of the Social Welfare Fund , distributed in 22 governorates and 331 districts, and support approximately 11 million people .

He indicated that the disbursement process accommodated beneficiaries with special needs, and the elderly, within Cases approved in the lists of the Social Welfare Fund.

He emphasized that SCMCHA worked to facilitate the disbursement by facilitating field teams for home delivery, and disbursement for the elderly and the disabled through two thousand exchange centers in various governorates, according to an integrated plan to facilitate disbursement procedures.

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