Al-Hamli and Gressley briefed on the needs of Al-Mahwit Governorate in terms of service and health projects.

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Ibrahim Al-Hamli, and UN Resident Representative, the Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, William David Gressly, were briefed today on the needs of Al-Mahwit Governorate for service and health projects.

Al-Hamali and Gressly, along with the local secretary general of the governorate, Al-Zayek, were briefed on the damages of the destroyed historical buildings by the aggression in Shibam Kawkaban, and the water and telephone network in the district.

The visitor listened from the people of Shibam Kawkaban to an explanation about Shibam Kawkaban Castld and the needs for its reconstruction , restoration , the necessary needs to restore the water network in the district, and ways to put treatments for it.

The needs of the health center in Al-Taweelah district, the difficulties facing the center and its needs in terms of medical equipment and supplies, in addition to the needs of the Al-Rajm district in terms of water projects, and the need to work on rehabilitating the Al-Qahtani and Al-Madani water project over five phases were also examined.

Al-Hamli and Gressley visited the Maternity and Childhood Center in Al-Mahwit, and its needs for medical equipment and supplies.

The Secretary-General of SCMCHA, Ibrahim Al-Hamli, stressed that the visit to the governorate comes to know the governorate’s needs of projects and work to provide support in various fields.

He pointed to the actual need and the humanitarian situation in the governorate, which requires the United Nations to contribute to the implementation of projects that serve development in the governorate, expressing hope that the visit of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator will be a positive to get a closer look at the situation in the governorate.

Al-Hamli explained that SCMCHA worked with a number of organizations to implement and rehabilitate water projects in the governorate, and to rehabilitate a number of health units.

For his part, a local Secretary-General of the Governor appreciated the visit of the Secretary-General of SCMCHA and UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen to the governorate, noting that Al-Mahwit governorate is in dire need of providing support in various fields.

In turn, the United Nations Coordinator, David Gressly, expressed gratitude to the Secretary-General of SCMCHA and the local authority for briefing him on the needs of a number of areas in the governorate.

He pointed out that working and strengthening cooperation with SCMCHA will contribute to providing the necessary requirements and needs of projects, stressing that he will convey the needs and projects that took place during the visit to the relevant authorities .

The visit was accompanied by the director of SCMCHA branch in Al-Mahwit, Mutahhar Sharaf Al-Din, and the. Director of Monitoring and evaluation department of SCMCHA, Muhammad Al-Razza’, and a number of the governorate’s leaders.

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