Al-Hamali meets with a delegation of UNHCR .

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Ibrahim Al-Hamli, met today with the Regional Director of the UNHCR in the Middle East and North Africa, Ayman Gharaibeh, and the Assistant High Commissioner for Operations, Raouf Mazo, and their accompanying delegation, which is currently visiting Yemen.

During the meeting, in the presence of the Head of the Planning Department, Faisal Modhesh, and the representative of the UNHCR in Yemen, Maya Amir Otunga, they discussed issues related to the course of humanitarian work as well as ways to alleviate the human suffering experienced by the Yemeni people, as a result of the aggression and the siege.

The Secretary-General of SCMCHA confirmed the importance of working in accordance with the principles of humanitarian action, which emphasizes achieving neutrality in providing aid, and ensuring that it reaches the most needy and affected areas that do not face difficulty in the process of aid reaching.

Al-Hamli aslo pointed to the importance of addressing the humanitarian situation and working to stabilize the truce according to standards that alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.

He indicated that reducing food and cash aid exacerbates the suffering of millions of beneficiaries and affected people in light of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

He called for restoring relief, development and service aid and moving from the stage of providing emergency aid to the post-emergency stage and providing services of a sustainable nature.

The Secretary-General of SCMCHA also stressed the importance of supporting the Executive Center for Demining by providing mine detectors to contribute of saving innocent lives, indicating the death rate is more than 300 civilians since the beginning of the declared truce.

He pointed out the importance of coordination with SCMCHA to facilitate the course of humanitarian work, achieve its objective , and direct it to those who deserve it.

He reiterated SCMCHA keenness to provide all facilities and provide protection for humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen, stressing the importance of respecting Yemeni customs, traditions and principles in providing various humanitarian services.

In turn, the delegation of UNHCR appreciated SCMCHA efforts in facilitating and overcoming the difficulties faced by humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen, stressing the keenness to provide humanitarian services to alleviate the existing human suffering.

The meeting was attended by the General Managers of Emergencies and Displacement Department , Abdullah Abu Talib, and director Monitoring and Evaluation Department , Muhammad Al-Razza’, and director of Al Hodeidah Governorate Branch, Jaber Al-Razhi.

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