The Humanitarian Affairs Authority and the local authority in Hodeidah condemn the shilling   of the assistance convoy of Durahami .


 The National Authority for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster management , and the local authority in Hodeidah governorate, condemned the targeting of aggressive forces and mercenaries of the convoy of humanitarian aid provided to the people on  Duraimi.

 The Authority  and the local authority said in a joint statement that the convoy was subjected to direct shilling  this morning by traitors after the departure of the United Nations team , so it was burnet  completely .

  The statement pointed out that the convoy had been looted by the mercenaries before entering the city of Al-Duraimi on Thursday, while  the rest  was bombed today by more than 26 shells, before the arrival of the targeted people to receive their quotas .

The statement demand   the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator Liz Grande to take responsibility and work to run Humanitarian convoy to rescue the trapped.

The statement also called on the head of the United Nations Mission in Support of the Hodeidah Agreement and Chairman of the Committee for the Redeployment Coordination General Abhijit Guha to coordinate the opening of humanitarian corridors and the lifting of the siege on the city of Duraimi.

 The statement held the United Nations and the international community full responsible for the consequences of the siege of the city of Duraimi and the bombing and killing of its inhabitants for nearly a year.



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