المجلس الاعلى لإدارة وتنسيق الشؤون الإنسانية والتعاون الدولي

Tawoos and Grisley briefed on the environmental situation in the city of Al-Bayda

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Abdulmohsen Tawoos, and the United Nations Resident Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen, William David Grisley, were briefed on the extent of the environmental disaster, and the suffering of citizens from the presence of the garbage dump in the west of the population centers in the Al-Bayda city.

Tawoos and Grisley, in the presence of Undersecretary of Al-Bayda Governorate Mutaher Al-Maori, heard from the Director of the Cleaning and Improvement Office in the governorate, Mujeeb Al-Mikhlafi, an explanation about the needs to remove waste and transport it to a suitable place away from the dwellings.

Tawoos, Grisaly, and the Maori were also briefed on the sewage treatment plant and the diseases it causes, since it is in the middle of the city of Al-Bayda, and what it needs in this aspect.

Secretary-General of SCMCHA also stressed the role of the United Nations in intervening to confront this disaster by providing what is necessary to transport the dump, and developing solutions for the sewage station.

In turn, the coordinator Grislay indicated that his visit is one of her priorities to work to support efforts to solve these problems.

They were accompanied during the visit by the Director of the Health Office in Al-Bayda Governorate, Dr. Mujahid Al-Khatri, the Director of SCMCHA branch in the governorate, Abdul-Habbar Al-Amdi, and a number of executive leaders and officials of the United Nations office.

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