Multi-Culster location assessment workshop to identify humanitarian needs.

Muli Cluster location assessing assessment workshop began today in Sana’ad which was organized by SCMCHA,CSO ,OCHA and IOM.

At the opening of the five-day workshop, the head of the Planning Department of SCMCHA, Mutahar Zaid, stressed that MCLAd contributes to identifying priorities and needs in the humanitarian and development aspect and knowing the difficulties encountered in gathering information in this aspect.

He pointed out that he relied on this assessment to mobilize financial resources from donors, especially at the present time with the continuation of the aggression for the seventh year, as it became necessary to address the basic aspects of sustainability in the sectors of shelter, education, health and basic services as well as to identify the most important population centers that sufferingredient of war and those which hosts displaced persons, migrants and refugees.
In turn, Deputy Director of OCHA , Krisin Rokasha, indicated that it is important to work on MCLA with the participation of authorities and competent authorities, to identify gaps in the humanitarian response process, focus on the displaced communities, their needs and available resources, and determine the priorities of projects.

The workshop was attended by the Undersecretary of CSO, Fares Al-Jahmi, the Chargé Affairs of IOM, Nidal Odeh, and the Director of the Displacement Tracking Matrix, Zarihoun Horsita.

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