المجلس الاعلى لإدارة وتنسيق الشؤون الإنسانية والتعاون الدولي

Mana’a meets the chief consultant of the International Labor Organization.

The head of the International Cooperation Department at SCMCHA, Mana’a Al-Asal, met today with the chief international consultant of the International Labor Organization, Joseph Lunoli, and the representative of the organization in Yemen, Ali Dahaq.

The meeting, in the presence of the deputy head of the department, Ali Al-Kahlani, discussed coordination aspects between SCMCHA and the ILO and ways to enhance them to serve the development as well as humanitarian work in Yemen.

Al-Asal stressed that the SCMCHA is concerned with coordinating international finances, pointing to the keenness to strengthen the effective partnership between SCMCHA and the organization to serve the community.

He said, “Emergency interventions are not success way , if it continues in the same form that some organizations seek to implement,” indicating the important of gradually shifting to development projects.

In turn, the chief international consultant at the ILO’s regional office affirmed the organization’s efforts to expand its development activities in coordination with SCMCHA.

The meeting was attended by SCMCHA’s project Director , Imad Hajar, UN and international organizations Director , Turki Jamil, bilateral cooperation Director , Hafez al-Shoki, and training Director Bashir Moshak.

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