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A workshop on the needs of Taiz Governorate for service projects

A workshop was held Today in Taiz governorate on emergency service projects in Yemen, Second Phase organized by SCMCHA branch in the governorate.

The workshop aimed to identify the needs of Taiz Governorate for projects and services in the sectors of roads, water, environment, health, hygiene and others, to be implemented with funding fromUNOPS.

In the workshop, the director of SCMCHA in Taiz, Judge Ahmed Amin Al-Masawi, stressed the importance of giving the governorate a priority in the plans of humanitarian and international organizations for the coming period, given the increasing need for service and humanitarian projects.

He touched on the governorate’s needs in the areas of roads, water, sanitation, health, hygiene and environmental sanitation, indicating that the dilapidated roads, hospitals’ lack of equipment, medicines and medical supplies, and the scarcity of local resources are among the most important challenges facing the governorate.

Al-Masawi pointed to the increasing environmental risks as a result of the inability of the local authority in Taiz to provide an incinerator for medical waste, expand the sewage treatment plant, replace the water supply network and dilapidated hygiene equipment, and solve the problem of the landfill.

And he indicated that the province still needs infrastructure projects that require attention by international organizations in providing humanitarian aid, implementing service projects and directing support to meet the matrix of needs to alleviate the suffering of the people of the province.

The Director of the Humanitarian Affairs Branch in Taiz expressed the hope that the interventions and projects of UNOPS during the coming period would contribute to alleviating the suffering of the people of the governorate, stressing the readiness of the leadership of the local authority to provide facilities for the success of the projects and activities of UNOPs.

The workshop was attended by the Director of the International Projects Unit in Road Maintenance, Eng. Ramzi Al-Muhajri.

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