المجلس الاعلى لإدارة وتنسيق الشؤون الإنسانية والتعاون الدولي

A workshop to identify urgent projects in Ibb Governorate, funded by UNOPS.

A consultative workshop was held with stakeholders for the Emergency Urban Services Project in Yemen of second Phase and the Emergency Human Capital Project, organized by the Supreme Council for the Administration of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation.

The workshop aimed to identify the governorate’s urgent needs for projects and services in the sectors of roads, water, environment, health, hygiene and others, which will be implemented with funding by UNOPS at a cost of $5 million .

In the workshop, the governor of Ibb, Abdul Wahed Salah, explained the importance of giving the governorate a priority in humanitarian and international organizations plans for the coming period, given the high population density of the governorate and the increasing need for humanitarian and service projects.

He pointed out that the continued influx of IDP to the governorate constitutes a great pressure on public services at a time when many service projects have been suspended due to the scarcity of resources and the lack of operational budgets.

The governor of Ibb touched on the governorate’s needs in the areas of roads, water, sanitation, health, hygiene, environmental sanitation, and others.

He indicated that the deterioration of roads, the lack of hospitals for equipment, medicines and medical supplies, and the scarcity of local resources are among the most important challenges facing the governorate.

He pointed to the increasing og environmental risks as a result of the local authority’s inability to provide an incinerator for medical waste, expand the sewage treatment plant, replace the water supply network and dilapidated hygiene equipment, and solve the problem of the landfill.

He confirmed that Ibb Governorate’s lack of infrastructure projects requires to be in consideration by international organizations to take practical steps to provide humanitarian and service assistance as well as direct support to meet the matrix of needs in various aspects to alleviate the suffering of the people in governorate.
He also Pointed out the importance of implementing projects to protect Ibb province of floods.

He expressed the hope that the interventions and projects of UNOPS during the coming period would contribute to alleviating the suffering of the people of the governorate, stressing the readiness of the local authority leadership to provide facilities for the success of the projects and activities of UNOPS.

In turn, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Abdel Mohsen Tawoos, stressed the keenness to cover the governorate’s needs of necessary projects in the sectors of water, sanitation, health, roads, hygiene, environment and others.

Tawoos indicated that the SCMCHA plan during the next phase aims to implement sustainable projects that meet the needs of citizens in Ibb Governorate and the rest of the governorates in the long term.

Tawoos stressed the importance of adhering to the implementation of service projects in accordance with the approved technical standards, specifications and the specified time period.
He appreciated the role of the local authority leadership in including the governorate within urban cities and preparing plans and studies that can be implemented.

In turn, the Director of UNOPS, Fayyad Rasoul, indicated the importance of the workshop in drawing the paths to attracting funds to implement projects that benefit citizens and alleviate their suffering.

He stressed that the United Nations office takes into account the necessary projects in the Ibb governorate.
He appreciated the efforts of SCMCHA and the local authority to include the city of Ibb among urban cities.

The Secretary-General of the Local Council of the Governorate, Amin Al-Warafi, appreciated the efforts of the Secretary-General of SCMCHA and the interventions of UNOPS in supporting projects according to the need plan and its urgent priorities.

In the workshop, which was attended by Parliament member Dr. Ali Al-Zanm, Ibb University President Dr. Tariq Al-Mansoub, governorate supervisor Yahya Al-Yousifi, governorate agents Abdul Hamid Al-Shahri, Dr. Ashraf Al-Mutawakil, Qasim Al-Masawi and Jamal Al-Humairi, the head of the technical committee in the governorate, Eng. Engineer Salim Al-Bahm and the Cleaning Fund, Bilal Al-Dar, indicated that the most important projects that will be implemented urgently are in the field of roads.

They indicated that these projects include the entrances to the northern, southern, western, eastern, southeastern, western Daree, and the western Daree road to Yarim district, at an estimated cost of six million, 342 thousand and 264 dollars.

They reported that the urgent projects include nine projects in the water sector at a cost of $2 million , including the expansion of the treatment plant in Ibb city, the operation of a number of drinking water wells with the solar energy system, the replacement of a number of dilapidated water networks and idle meters, and the provision of equipment for the hygiene fund.

The workshop, which was attended by the economist at the United Nations Office Khaldoun Saleh, directors and secretaries of the districts of Al-Dhahar, Al-Mishna and Ibb countryside, and a number of officials of the concerned authorities and heads of community organizations, included a presentation on the projects implemented by UNOPSin a number of governorates.

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