SCMCHA comes to an end of session on mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating humanitarian work.

The Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation concluded today a training course of monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for humanitarian and development work.

The four-day course, with the participation of 23 trainees, aimed to effectively identify the evaluation and monitoring systems for humanitarian and development work as well as to develop participants’ ability to manage, evaluate and monitoring projects.
The Secretary General of SCMCHA Abdul Mohsen Tawoos, stressed the importance of the course to qualify cadres in the field of Monitoring and evaluation of development projects and relief.
He confirmed the importance of implementing the course’s contents in the field

He also pointed out the importance of taking the field to monitoring and evaluate development projects and make sure that they are implemented according to the objectives set for them, measure the indicators of the implementation of projects and the extent of community benefit , reveal the gaps and know their causes.

Director General of monitoring and evaluation of SCMCHA, Mohammed al Raza,said the session is part of the SCMCHA’s efforts to train cadres in monitoring and evaluating humanitarian and development work to formulate accurate performance indicators for development projects.

Director General of training of SCMCHA, Bashir Mesaq,said the course helps trainees evaluate projects and measure their implementation indicators.

At the end of the session, the Secretary General of SCMCHA confer honor upon the participants, trainers and organizers of the session.

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