Al-Soufi and Tawoos briefed on food security and agriculture projects in Hajjih governorate.

Hajjah Governor Hilal Al-Soufi and Secretary General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation Abdul Mohsen Tawoos inspected today the fourth phase of the Food Security and Agriculture Project in Bambeen and Bani Qais.

Al-Soufi and Tawoos were briefed on the level of implementation of the fourth phase of the project implemented through the partner of the Hope of Vision Organization, the Social Solidarity Foundation, funded by the German Foreign Ministry, and its components in Beit Al-Mawlid, Dara’ Bani Talha, Al-Awamah and Al-Ma’inah.

The Governor of Hajjah stressed the keenness to follow up on the completion of projects in the health, food, development and sanitation aspects, pointing out that the food security project is one of the most important projects that he hopes the humanitarian partners will support in general.

For his part, the Secretary-General of SCMCHA indicted the importance of food security and agriculture projects with solar energy to provide water sources, as well as tanks that were established to cover the needs of the people of the regions in the agricultural and animal aspects as well as support the people of the regions in animal inputs.

He appreciated the implementation of the project by the partner of International Hope of Vision, the Social Solidarity Foundation and the funding of the German Foreign Ministry, expressing his hope that all organizations will go to the development side and support citizens in livelihoods, food security and livestock.

In turn, the director of SCMCHA branch in the governorate, Allan, appreciated the following -up of the leadership of SCMCHA, to implement food security projects in Bani Qais and Mubin.

He pointed out the importance of the project in meeting the needs of communities affected by the current situation.

In turn, the Director of Projects at SCMCHA Branch, Khaled Al-Qadi, explained that the number of beneficiaries of the food security project is 15,000 people in 20 villages in the districts of Mobin and Bani Qais.
He also indicated that the interventions in the project are irrigation networks, collection tanks, apiaries, distribution of livestock and poultry, and rehabilitation of wells.

Al-Soufi and Tawoos were also briefed on the Mubeen water project..listening from the directorate of the district, Mansour Hamza, to an explanation about the urgent needs to increase the water pumping capacity.

The visit was accompanied by the Director of the Health Office, Dr. Ahmed Al-Kahlani, the representative of the German Vision of Hope Organization, Muhammad Al-Bayhani, the director of the organization’s office in the governorate, Abdul Karim Mithqal, and the head of the Social Solidarity Foundation Zaid Al-Ali.

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